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Why is Erectile Dysfunction on the Rise?

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Erectile dysfunction is becoming a common sexual dysfunction among men around the world and can make it difficult for you to satisfy your partner in bed. So, if you’re struggling with ED, an attempt to understandit can open doors for communication between you and your partner.

Erectile dysfunction is becoming a common sexual dysfunction among men around the world and can make it difficult for you to satisfy your partner in bed. So, if you’re struggling with ED, an attempt to understand it can open doors for communication between you and your partner.

So without further ado, let’s dive into what’s causing a rise in erectile dysfunction:

Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse. This can be due to constricted blood flow to the penis, major medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes, medications, and even psychological issues.

The most common symptoms you might experience in this condition may include lower self-esteem, reduced libido, difficulty maintaining a firm erection, and difficulty getting an erection. If these symptoms consistently occur, you’ll need to contact your doctor to find the best course of action. They’ll test you for underlying medical problems or medications that might be causing erectile dysfunction.

If they rule out all the physical causes, they’ll send you for an evaluation to the psychotherapist to see if the issue is psychological.

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Why Has Erectile Dysfunction Become A Rising Concern Among Men?

Here are some common factors that can cause erectile dysfunction:

Smoking – Nicotine Consumption

According to research, 15.5% of adults in the United Kingdom, 18 years and older, currently smoke cigarettes. This amounts to 3.7 million adults, out of which several hundred thousand individuals have some health condition caused by smoking.

Nicotine consumption can also lead to erectile dysfunction and other health problems. The nicotine compromises the nervous system that’s responsible for the blood flow to the penile nerves and vessels. When those important vessels are compromised, it becomes difficult to have an erection.

Health Conditions

There is a wealth of evidence that shows that heart diseases like hypertension, strokes, peripheral vascular disease, angina, etc.,can cause erectile dysfunction. Obesity and related conditions like diabetes are all contributing risk factors that can develop erectile dysfunction among men.

Alcohol Abuse

Did you know that drinking a large amount of alcohol can affect your sex life and make it difficult for you to get an erection? Well, alcohol messes with the messenger nerves in your brain that signal the nerves in your penis to fill up with blood.

The other way alcohol contributes to erectile dysfunction is that it reduces the levels of testosterone in the body. The testosterone hormone controls the male sexual function in your body, and if reduced, it can affect your libido and sex life.

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Obesity has become a global problem. It has been linked to erectile dysfunction, as 30-90% of obese adults are at risk of developing it. This is so because obese individuals also may have other health issues like hypertension, cholesterol issues, and diabetes that may contribute to this issue.

The obesity rate in the UK has risen steadily over the years. In 2022, 28% of the adults are obese, with 36% as overweight and at risk of becoming obese. If this trend continues, we might be looking at an even larger chunk of the population suffering from obesity-related issues like low blood pressure, heart conditions, and erectile dysfunction.

Drug Abuse

Nowadays, drug abuse and alcohol consumption have changed the lives of millions in the UK.Based on a drug addiction report, around 313,917 drug users between the ages of 15 and 64 are addicted to drugs across the UK. This detrimental habit of illicit drug consumption is putting our youth at risk. Illicit drugs, painkillers, and anti-depressants, if consumed irresponsibly, can lead to a decreased libido or decreased ability to get an erection. At this point, you can consult with your doctor or rehabilitation specialist for the best course of action.

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Jack R. has been working as a psychotherapist for the past decade. He has abundant experience in helping couples, and male patients overcome sexual dysfunctions and sexual problems. He loves educating his readers about how they can lead a great and healthy sex life with their partners.

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