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Lifestyle Modifications and Erectile Dysfunction: What Can Be Expected?

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Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain a firm enough erection during sex. It is a common medical disorder brought on by multiple factors like medical conditions, alcohol and drug abuse, lack of physical activity, obesity, metabolic syndromes, and lack of proper nutrition.

Also, do you know that testosterone plays a major role in enhancing your libido? It is maintained by a healthy and nutritional diet and an active lifestyle. So, if you’re lacking in those areas, you might experience a lower libido and a lack of interest in sexual activity.

There are many lifestyles and nutritional modifications that you can adopt to improve your sex life, which are discussed as follows:

Lifestyle Modifications Based On Consumption

If you’re looking to change your nutritional and consumption habits, here’s what you should expect:

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Alcohol Consumption

If you frequently drink alcohol or beer, try doing it in moderation. This is because alcohol consumption has a strong correlation with erectile dysfunction. It interferes with the brain’s ability to influence the blood flow to the penile veins that help with erections. It also influences the production of testosterone levels in your body, affecting your sexual desires.

If you’re a fan of beer like most people are, beer belly is a major concern because, like it or not, alcohol has calories. If you consume too many empty calories, you’ll be at risk of being overweight and obese. Both of these conditions put you at risk for erectile dysfunction. You can expect to see an improvement in your activity level as soon as you limit alcohol consumption. But if you’re going for an occasional drink, consume responsibly!

Nicotine Consumption

Smoking can have detrimental effects on your body. It not only degrades your lungs and respiratory system but also puts you at risk for erectile dysfunction. So, it’s better to limit as much as you can or quit this habit as quickly as you can to protect yourself and your partner. You’ll feel a positive change in your body and physical activity regimes.

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Nutritional Modifications

Nutrition plays a crucial role in managing erectile dysfunction because some foods can lead to obesity which can put you at risk for more sexual dysfunctions. While other food groups like fruits, fish, dairy, and nuts can help manage the testosterone levels, antioxidants and nitric oxide levels help manage the blood flow and blood pressure in your body.

Also, whole grains, white meat, legumes, fresh fruits, and berries have flavonoids and rich proteins and carbohydrates that’ll help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. While consuming a lot of red meat, confectionery, and fizzy beverages will only add to other problems along with erectile dysfunction. You can expect to lose unhealthy weight gradually if you stick to a healthy calorie limit and drop the sweetmeats and fast foods.

Sexual Modifications

Dealing with sexual dysfunction is not easy. It’s hard on you and your partner. It creates a feeling of low self-esteem and confidence in both participants. You might feel inadequate about your inability to perform and satisfy your partner while your partner might also feel inadequate because they think you don’t find them appealing anymore. It can put a strain on the relationship and communication levels.

So, you’ll need to work on your communication and reassure your partner that you both can figure this out. And if your partner is supportive, they’ll stand with you through every step of the treatment and your overall well-being.

You can try new things to enhance your intimacy. Try going on dates or to the movies, try oral sex, and new sex toys to spice up your relationship while you work on the treatment options. This way you’ll show your partner that you care about them and their needs.

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Kevin J. is a renowned urologist who’s been working in the medical field for more than three decades. He has extensive experience dealing with medical conditions related to prostate and sexual dysfunctions. He also works as a freelance writer to educate his readers about how they can lead healthy lives  and manage their sexual dysfunctions.

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