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A Heterosexual Couple Cuddling in Bed and Appearing Blissfully Happy

4 Sexual Health Secrets for All the Men Out There

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that sexual appetite wanes with age in both men and women. However, making healthy lifestyle changes and sticking to them can negate the age factor to a certain extent.

Age-related or otherwise, here’s how you can improve sexual potency and, in turn, your sex life.

1.    Start from the Ground Up

No-strings-attached sex may work for some men, but it may not be your cup of tea. Before taking your relationship to the ultimate non-platonic level, get to know your future bedmate better.

Spend quality time doing something you both like, such as:

  • Attending pub quizzes on Sundays.
  • Enjoying a cosy picnic.
  • Getting touristy in London.
  • Playing your favourite sports.
  • Playing your favourite boardgame.

By enjoying each other’s company in the here and now, you’ll have better compatibility sexually and a better shot at resolving issues later, thereby preventing them from bleeding into your sex life.

2.    Address Chronic Health Issues

Sometimes, rerouting your life on a healthier path may not be enough to address problems with your sexual health. If that’s the case with you, maybe it’s time to look at issues that have always been there and take targeted measures.

Illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are only some of the many chronic issues that must be dealt with, not only because they are potentially life-threatening but also because they affect sexual health.

Seeking treatment for these issues and continuing a healthy lifestyle add up to great qualify of life, sexual or otherwise.

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3.    Get More Sun

Winter is nearly upon us, which means more time spent in a room with a radiator and less spent outdoors. This may not bode for your sexual health because your testosterone could use the extra help from the sex vitamin aka vitamin D, which the sun’s got in droves.

In terms of sex drive, vitamin D stimulates testosterone production in males and boosts oestrogen levels in females. Low testosterone has been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED), premature baldness, muscle mass loss, and many other traits in men.

If you’re facing these issues, be sure to take your supplements and spend at least an hour in the sun every day, regardless of the cold weather.

4.    Take Sex-Enhancing Drugs

While sexual problems in men might be a consequence of underlying psychological issues, you’re just as likely to face sexual dysfunction due to physical health problems. Fortunately, you can address the latter by taking sex-enhancing drugs like our very own Kamagra tablets and ensure that your physical health has no impact upon your sex life.

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