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5 Sure-Fire Ways for Men to Improve Their Libido

There’s no shortage of factors that drive your sex drive. Relationship problems, health problems, mental health issues, and age are only a few of the several aspects that have a bearing on your sexual urges.

While having a diminished sex drive isn’t that big of an issue, you can take certain measures to give it a hand, so to speak.

1.    Relax In Times of Stress

Stressors put a damper on everything, including—indirectly—your libido. For instance, they might block blood vessels and lead to hypertension. Your body needs to redirect blood to the tissues in your penis to sustain an erection, and it can’t exactly do that when you’ve got blocked vessels.

Moreover, stress can lead to harmful behaviour such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and overconsumption of other stimulants, all of which directly affect your libido.

2.    You re What You Eat

Eating habits might not cause reduced libido, but they certainly worsen an already low sex drive. Something else could be weakening your libido and causing you to eat in an unhealthy manner, which, in turn, affects your libido even more.

It’s a vicious cycle, and the only way to break it is by following a healthy diet even when you don’t feel like it. Stop eating anything that may be harming your body and indirectly decreasing your sex drive, and start taking a sugar-free, vegetable-rich, and protein-rich diet.

3.    Spend More Time on Foreplay

If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to not climax during the act of penetrative intercourse, you could try redirecting your attention to foreplay. Do everything, including kissing, licking, caressing, and trying on sex toys before getting, and save the best part for last.

The longer you engage in foreplay, the longer you may be able to retain an erection. For those of you having trouble getting hard in the first place, sexual foreplay can serve as the stimulation you need to get it up enough for sexual intercourse.

4.    Quit Bad Habits

Stress might lead to bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking, but you may be under those habits, to begin with. Even though some alcohol can boost circulation, a lot of it can have the opposite reaction.

To start with, quit smoking and have no more than one serving of alcohol per day. If you feel like having a smoke, get your running shoes on and go for a jog around the neighbourhood because that’ll actually ramp up your sex drive.

5    Have Lots of Sex

Stopping sex is the last thing you should do in the face of a waning sex drive. You risk erectile dysfunction (ED) when you go cold turkey on sexual intercourse, so keep trying the above tips to get hard and remain hard.

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