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The Best Ways to Improve Blood Flow to the Penis

Even though your heart doesn’t need to pump blood extra fast to make it flow to your nether regions, your penile tissue does require extra help to display signs of arousal. If blood flow to your penis is stunted or restricted, you may be unable to get hard enough for sex.

Here’s how you can remove these cock-blocks and restore free blood flow to your penis.

Stay in a Healthy Weight Range

There’s a clear link between obesity, low testosterone, and erectile dysfunction (ED). While being overweight or obese doesn’t directly impact your sex drive, you could contract other illnesses that do, as a matter of fact, cause ED.

High blood pressure, low testosterone, and diabetes can cause male impotence, and you can end up getting these illnesses due to your eating habits. Once that happens, you’re at a higher risk of ED.

Therefore, you must maintain a healthy weight to maintain a healthy blood flow at all times—even when you’re not having sex.

Lead a Mobile Lifestyle

If getting enough blood down to your penis is turning into somewhat of a headache, you can establish an exercise routine, thereby increasing blood circulation and getting rid of that headache at the same time.

By regularly exercising, you can alleviate high blood pressure, thereby improving blood flow where it’s most needed. Include a little bit of resistance and endurance training in your physical regimen to keep your libido as good as new.

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Get Some Bloody Food in that Belly

When we say you need to eat your bloody nutrition, we literally mean eat blood-friendly edibles to improve blood production and circulation, enhance your sperm count, and up those testosterone levels.

Citrus fruits, dark chocolate, and vegetables like spinach, beets, garlic, and broccoli have many benefits, including improved blood flow and deriving nitric oxide, both of which you need to manage an erection.

Since good eating habits go both ways, you should also cut out or reduce anything that may be exacerbating a weak libido, such as salt, processed sugars, and so on.

Drink the Recommended Amount of Water

Dehydration can affect the volume of blood in your body. When you have less blood, you have even less of it to redirect to your penis and get a sex-friendly erection.

Half your entire blood volume contains plasma, which is almost completely made of water. Therefore, to increase the volume of your blood and keep it in the healthy range, you have to stay hydrated by drinking at least eight pints of water per day.

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