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Normally, the average erection lasts from a few minutes to around half an hour. However, as we get older, it can be harder to achieve one at all.

It’s estimated that over half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). THat’s around 4.3 million men in the UK.

However, it can also affect younger men who are under stress or have a poor lifestyle. Although many guys found this embarrassing, it’s a highly common problem. The fact is that achieving a strong erection takes a complex range of factors.

Viagra is by far the most world-famous solution for this issue, however, there are much cheaper alternatives available.

Kamagra 99 has both Kamagra pills and oral jelly tablets to buy online.

Kamagra pills work extremely fast and usually make you ready in a matter of minutes. Along with being more accessible in terms of price, Kamagra is notable for its colour- the pills are a striking turquoise in comparison to Viagra’s blue.

Whether you choose Kamagra pills or oral jellies, these tablets are renowned for their lack of side effects. We have genuine medication from leading brand Ajanta, with a no-fuss money back guarantee if they don’t work for you.

Our deals include 50 Kamagra Pills for £65.00 which means it’s only £1.30 per pill. Every single Kamagra pill contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate, the key ingredient found in Viagra.

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